About Me

Hello my friends! My name is Evgevia Dolinina. I am a professional pastry chef.

My confectionery history began 8 years ago when I lived in Prague. This is an amazing and fascinating city with many coffee establishments, and I am a great admirer of coffee, so coffee shops visited in Prague every day. I was struck by cakes and cheesecakes then little known in Russia. Their divine taste combined with excellent cappuccino. I started looking for information, so as to prepare them yourself dreaming .

Since childhood, I love to bake cakes and cupcakes are different, but what I tried in Prague, was unknown to me dessert. I found exquisite technology for the preparation of cheesecake in America and wrote him a letter. Even then I knew that soon cheesecakes come in Russia. It was then that I decided to do this business - to make cheesecakes for stores in Russia.

I was upset when I got the answer from the technology from America - he did not want to share his recipe for cooking cheesecake. Then, thanks to his friends, restaurateurs, I met a famous pastry chef in Italy. He created real masterpieces! I agreed with him about the master class, received lessons on cooking several types of cheesecakes.

Then the circumstances were such that I had to go back to Russia. Arriving in Abakan, I organized my first tasting cheesecakes for a coffee. Everyone was excited about the new taste! Cheesecakes - a mandatory attribute of any coffee. Very fast set "cappuccino + cheesecake" has become a tradition.

Until now, all of my products are made with Italian technology. To engage in the art of confectionery became my main. All new items I get through master classes my Italian friend - master confectioner in the old Italian cakeshop's.

I'll be happy, if you appreciate my creations! I am carefully to his every request. You can always get me an exclusive and fresh products of European quality. Enjoy your choice, because the cake on the table - it's always a feast in the house!

Be foodies!